Research Papers

2014 November – Animation in Context: The Outcome of Targeted Transmedia Authorship. Mark J. Chavez

2014 March – Game Design and Appeal: designing for the user. Mark J Chavez, Mak Hon Keat

2012 April – An Active Cinema Experience: A Study on User Expectation and Perceived Gratifications of a Real-time Animated Film System. Yun-Ke Chang, Mark Chavez, Miguel A Morales-Arroyo, Jaime Jiménez

2010 April – Cinematics and Narratives: Development of a Prototype System. Mark Chavez, Lin Liu Yi

2010 February – From the animation industry to academia and research. Mark Chavez

2010 January – An emotion aware agent platform for interactive storytelling and gaming. Zhiqi Shen, Chunyan Miao, Liang Zhang, Han Yu, Mark J. Chavez

2010 April – Specialization and Collaboration Approach to Interdisciplinary Research in Contemporary Animation. Mark Chavez, Liu Lin Yi

2009 January – Voyage to the age of the dinosaurs project, an experiential learning situation with undergraduates, graduates and visiting professionals. Mark J. Chavez, Andrew Gregory, Lau Yeung, Wang Xueli

2009 June – Interactive Cinematic Experience Supported by Real-time Simulation System: Technology, Methodology, and Ideology. Mark J Chavez, Ina Conradi, Liu Linyi, Jamie Telford

2008 January – Animation and Local Environments. Ang Yi Xin, Mark J. Chavez

2007 January – Assessment of Group and Individual Learning through Intelligent Visualization (AGILeViz). Eric Hamilton, Amy L. Baylor, Mark Chavez, Ronald A. Cole, Philip Vahey

2006 July – Artificial Intelligence and Dynamic Design: Adaptive Real-Time 3D Characters. M. Chavez

2006 – January Artificial Beings That Look Back At Us. Mark J. Chavez, Alain Lioret

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