Many students who took classes with me and worked as work-study research assistants or full-time after graduation have moved onto successful careers in animation. They made movies that have received numerous awards in film festivals and are recognized as the new local talent with skills in the craft of animation, and as artists and film-makers bringing a new vision to the field.

Raymond Teo, Tan Pang Ren, Malcolm Qwah

Raymond Teo, Tan Pang Ren, Malcolm Qwah part of our first cohort of students graduated in 2009. The three both studied under me and worked as research assistants. They created the Final Year Project (FYP) animated short titled ‘Drunken Moon’. It won top prize in the Open Category from Singapore and was screen in Tokyo at the TBS 14th Digicon. Short listed for screening at the 9th Singapore Short Cuts! it was nominated for BEST DEBUT in 4th International Festival of Animated Films TOFUZI, in the Baltic country of Georgia.

Tales of the Chugawagas

Khoo Yi Hui, Goh Huiying & Anne Tan’s Final Year Project (FYP) animated short film titled ‘Tales of the Chugawagas’ won the First Prize in the 3D category of the Lumière Digitale Animation Film Festival 2011! It was nominated for Best Animation at the upcoming 3rd Singapore Short Film Awards! Their short film also won a ‘Certificate of Encouragement – Creative use in Animation’ at the Very Short International Film Festival (VSIFF) 2012 held in Singapore.

‘EMMA’ Joshua Tan’s 2010

A short film made in my ANI380 Animation Seminar class a Local Selection Winners took home the Grand Prix Award at the Very Short Film Competition (Singapore) in 2010 and received $1400 in prize money for his efforts. It was screened at the Festival in France under the International ‘Out of Competition Family/Kids’ Category.

Project Marionette

Directed and produced by Tan Cheng Quan (Joshua) with Candice Elizabeth Chua Cher Ern & Liew Yong Jia 2010

Winner of a ‘Certificate of Encouragement – Creative use in Animation’ at the Very Short International Film Festival 2012 held in Singapore. I supervised their animated film through Final Year Project. Joshua Tan recently set up his own company CraveFX and is doing well as an animation entrepreneur.

I! Mark Cheung, Singapore 2012

Final Year Project (FYP) Short animated film was selected to premiere at the 20th Annual International Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart 2013. Mark’s work focused on a metaphorical and visual interpretation of the expression of thought and discovery of self. This past June 2013 he screened his film at the 4th Experimental Film Forum at The Substation in Singapore.

i! (2012) – mark cheung

Students under my tutelage have been fortunate to find work both in Singapore and abroad. Notably two former students that received their Master of Science (MSc) in Digital Media Technology Degree, Devanathan Ram Prasad and Sailaja Sruthi Yadlapati worked in my research and were hired by the Dreamworks Dedicated Unit at Technicolor in Bangalore. One of these students, Ms. Yadlapati recently left to join NUS as an applicant for a PhD. Other students joined companies like Lucas Film, Double Negative, the Discovery Channel and even the United Nations. Ms. Ang Yizhi who started with me in her second year as a student who had never touched computer animation is now a computer graphics artist at Tecmo Koei. Ms. Hazel Hnin is a character animator at Southern Star Entertainment with a subsidiary located in Singapore Southern Star Entertainment is a large entertainment conglomerate. Ms. Hai An Nguyen Pham worked closely with me as a student and research assistant is now working on staff as a computer graphic artist at Oliver Wyman. Two of my programming staff from originally from Myanmar, Mr. Aung Sithu Kyaw and Thet Naing Swe in an entrepreneurial venture set up their own game company in Singapore. Another Ms. Chong Ren Rong is a research assistant at University of California Los Angeles in their media research group housed in Melnitz Hall the home of their Film School of which I am an alumni.

Former Students who worked on Research

Throughout the past 8 years of Teaching Research and Service at NTU, I have been fortunate to have received close to 15 million Singapore Dollars in research funding. These projects, all collaborative efforts were designed for the most part to experiment with learning theory, e.g. Michael J. Jacobson’s “Virtual Singapora“, an investigation focused on the design of learning technologies, Beaumie Kim’s work research and development of learning resources and tools focusing on Earth Sciences “Serious Embodied Learning” and Miao Chunyan’s Intelligent Agent-Augmented Multi-User Virtual Environments: Research into Designs for Learning Environments of the Future. Along with these collaborative efforts where I worked as co-Primary Investigator I have led my projects e.g. “Cinematic and Narratives: creating stories within real-time visual toolsets” and have engaged students directly in award winning research.

Undergraduate Students Hired into Research

Lim Yuan Wen, Tan Pang Ren, Qwah Ying Hwa, Qvek Jia Liang, Khoo Yihui, Yu Chao, Su Fang, Nguyen Hieu Hanh, Stefani Irwin, Chan Ying Hol, Kyi Phyu Hnin (Hazel), Ang Yi Zhi, Lee Jun Yi, Gao Shan, Nguyen Pham Hai An, Antoinette Jade, Florence Sjah, Fung Chun Hong, Gan Li Juan Clara, Han Shengyi, Kanan Abdul Mohamed Ali, Pok Sim Loong, Siew Zhi Zhong Jerome, Tan Jing Ting, Tan Shu An Lauren, Trinh Dinh Quan, Yang Na       Ajin Joseph, Ang Yi Xin, Lam Yaocheng, Isabella Tan Hui Huang, Teo Qing Yu Trina, Qwah Ying Hwa, Long Yinghan, Chong Shuzhen Sara, Chan Yin Wan, Ang Tze Qi, Teo Say Kiam Raymond, Cheng Yu Chao, Pan Huiting, Au Chong Weng, Mak Hon Keat, Huang Shicong, Seow Wen Hui Vanessa, Koh Wei Min, Wang Xun, Siew Zhi Zhong Jerome, Wong Si Yuan, Goh Zhengyang, Vincent, Xiong Ying, Hu Yunwen, Chua Yifang, Kyi Phyu Hnin, Dessy Sudjana, Wang Shi Hui, Su Guohao, Huang Yanying, Lim Ming Rong, Eunice

Masters Students

Devanathan Ram Prasad, Liu Linyi, Sailaja Sruthi Yadlapati, Aung Sithu Kyaw, Wang Chao, Chen Chao Hai, Liu Yong, Lu The Kiet

Research Fellows

Zhang Liang, Doros Polydorou

Professional Hires

Jorge Helguera Represa, Andrew Gregory, Jamie Telford, Wong Jing Cherng, Boon Yifei, Kim Hak Hyun, Thet Naing Swe

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