My artistic inquiry strives to utilize digital multimedia techniques to tag visual meaning to tangible, recognizable ideas. I explore computer animation and emotive-abstraction, matching Design to Emotion, as based on previous academic research in audio-driven motion and real-time animation design. My work currently attempts to shape a design sense of an anthropomorphic world view with a contemporary scientific view. I exhibit my artwork as interactive, immersive fields, short films, and print.

In the Southeast Asian context, content development R&D for animation entertainment has not been embraced by the local industry mostly due to the cost of talent needed to support this effort. Though currently based in both Los Angeles and Singapore, my current research attempts to tackle these issues in an attempt to create genuinely unique Intellectual Property.

My work explores the theory and methodology of contemporary artistic creation and attempts to understand what the dominant trends are in execution, delivery, and conception. The goal is to understand through practice, active experimentation, review, and revision the qualities of form that result in appeal in animation. Because animation can be such a labor-intensive art form, careful and strategic pre-production measures are taken when designing the visuals, sound, and narratives used in the production of complex entertainment works. My research utilizes platform-based development focusing on abstract characterizations as a vehicle to test ideas in a rougher, and less developed stage; because the content output comes from a real-time system I am able to make the revisions to the online materials quickly. These observations allow me to more easily explore the narrative structure of Design.

The Emote Project (Animation, 50 minutes, 12 chapters, 2017) is about feelings, brain waves and real-time experimental animation, Data recorded from EEG brainwave signals were analyzed for emotional patterns and reinterpreted to generate 20 animated chapters.

My current project explores the area of Quantum Mechanics and mythology. I am looking to “brand” Quantum concepts with Meso-American mythical considerations and design stylisations.

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